At FlashGameCode.net, Big Room Games provide high quality code and game engines to the Flash game development community.

FlashGameCode.net was launched in 2007 by Big Room Ventures Ltd., a company with a long history in game development. Big Room’s director and the main programmer behind the development work at FlashGameCode.net is Richard Lord. Richard has 15 years experience as a game developer for games consoles, PCs and the web.
Quality game engines

With FlashGameCode.net we aim to provide stable, reliable and high quality game engines for flash game development. The goal with each engine is to enable a skilled designer with little or no experience of Actionscript programming to develop a complete game. All you need to add is the design vision and high quality graphics to produce a high quality game.

Each game engine is provided as one or more compiled Flash components with skinable graphics. In most cases, every graphic within the game can be altered, as can the scale and difficulty of the game. Where appropriate we also provide a level designer tool for the game.
Commission a game

If you want a custom game, these can be obtained by contacting Big Room Games directly. We can create a unique game just for you, or create something based around one of our game engines.

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