Your Design + Our Code = A Great Game

Your Design + Our Code = A Great Game

This site is here to help you create great web games. Flash Game Code is new, so there’s very little here at the moment, but content will be added frequently. This site is developed by Big Room Ventures Ltd., a company with a long history in game development.

Game Engines

Build unique games for your website the easy way. Our game engines do most of the programming for you, leaving you to do the creative design bit.


We intend to sell a number of game engines for different styles of games, some very specific and others more general. Since we’ve only recently launched the website there’s only two game engines available. They are:

  • Tetris Game Engine
  • Sudoku Game Engine


Get games for your website the easy way. No need to hire developers, agree schedules and price then hope the game arrives on time and that you like it when it does. Just pick a completed game and buy it immediately.


In addition to our game engines, we intend to sell a number of completed games for use on your website. Currently, there’s only two games available, with more to come. They are:

As is planned for all our games, these games contain minimal branding and sit within a tight frame so you can apply your own branding around the game. Also, you can choose to create your own preloader as a branded introduction to the game.

Free Stuff

In addition to the items for sale on this site, we plan to offer a number of free products. The majority of these will be classes or other code for use in your own game projects. There will also be a few components designed to complement our game engines with additional features.

Because the site launched recently we only have two items to share with you so far. These are

  • The Event class that we use to implement events and event listeners in all our Actionscript 2 code.
  • A Key polling class to provide Key.isDown() functionality in Actionscript 3.

More items will appear soon.

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